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SQABD is an entirely voluntary organization, supported and run by a group of individuals dedicated and passionate to supporting the cause. All funds we have go solely to run the organization and aim to provide better services to our members.

We are determined to improve the Software Industry of Bangladesh. Our goal is to Build Better Software. Our success is the fact that we have recognition by the elites of the Bangladesh Software Industry where we are well known and respected. Our Manifesto:

  • We believe that two approaches need to be combined to build better software:
    • By providing techniques, which support the development of high quality software.
    • By providing techniques, which assure the required quality attributes during the development of high quality software.
  • We believe that the project team as a whole is responsible for the quality and success of a software project.
  • We are focused on the viable achievement of software quality with a practitioners approach, instead of certain process models or standards.
  • We believe that software development will always be difficult and so it can only be feasible with skilled knowledge workers in the project team.
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