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The activities of SQABD are outlined below:

  • Create a pool of a balanced mixture of software development practitioners so that they are easily accessible for discussion, collaboration and providing solution.
  • Training will be carried out at three levels.
    • Academia
      • Students
      • Faculties
    • Software Companies
      • Managers
      • Developers
      • Testers
      • Marketing
      • Sales
    • Customers
      • Government
      • End users
  • Training criteria
    • Training will be conducted as workshops.
    • Training will be specialized on limited content.
    • Training will have a practitioner's approach so that Trainees can implement the practices.
    • Trainees need to influence change in the industry from academia to the software houses to the customers.
  • Issues faced by Trainees during implementation will be resolved through the user group mailing list or face to face discussions.
  • Expose the sources of effective software development related material.
  • Create a culture of R&D.
  • Progress needs to be measured at regular intervals.
  • Maintain a list of companies that follow effective software development practices, and monitor the growth.
  • Increase awareness with seminars and roundtables.
  • All activities are well planned, managed and organized.
  • All major activities are recorded, documented and archived.
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