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SQABD recognizes that other popular software related user groups of Bangladesh are bringing value to the software industry. To effectively influence the software industry all these groups need to work together. We already have connections with some of these groups. We have agreed to help each other plan, organize and promote our activities and events for a common cause. This provides an opportunity for these groups to reach a larger audience of similar interests. The groups that we have already contacted are listed below:

  • PHPExperts: This is a group where its members can discuss all about PHP. Experiences can be shared by posting interesting tips and tricks to help PHP programmers.
  • JPGroup: This is a platform for Java programmers to help each other and to help promote Java as a language, as a technology, as a platform and as a tool for providing enterprise solutions.
  • .Net Community: This group represents the Microsoft .Net communtiy. Discussions include the latest releases of .Net related products, frameworks, upgrades, technologies, IDEs etc.
  • PHP Resources: The main goal of this group is to archive and promote resources from discussions by the members that will help the PHP and Open Source communities.

SQABD Management Team is continuing to build connections with other groups. Other software related groups are also encouraged to contact SQABD. If a group is interested to build connections with SQABD, the group manager will need to send an email to info@sqabd.com with the group profile. SQABD Management Team will review the profile and contact the group with the cooperation details.

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