About Us

Our Intentions

Our Mission and Vision statements are built with the following guidelines:

  • Mission and Vision statements are meant to guide us rather than lock us into a particular direction.
  • Mission and Vision should be revisited periodically to determine whether modifications are required to adapt to change.


Mission statement outlines goals developed from the end user's perspective and it fits with the vision. It incorporates what we do, how we do it and for whom we do it:

  • Create awareness on best practices for building better software and to improve the state of Software Industry in Bangladesh.
  • Create a community of effective and aspiring practitioners of software development for peer networking.
  • Introduce useful and emerging knowledge into the community while building on existing experience to increase competitiveness of the Industry.
  • Create an environment for discussion on issues and solutions through collaboration with the practitioners and industry experts.
  • The Community should serve as a resource pool of skilled practitioners who are available for recruitment.
  • Provide training with a practitioner's approach to energetic and passionate trainees who are determined to influence change in the industry.
  • Advocate and incorporate best practices in career paths, to build talented experts and leaders in the Industry.
  • Create a Brand loyalty with exposure of successes to attract sponsors and to advocate the views of the community.
  • Build the user group membership to attract effective/aspiring practitioners.
  • Conduct activities with an organized and disciplined approach to increase effectiveness and recognition.


Vision statement outlines the high level goals that we ultimately envision in terms of growth, values, contributions to society etc.:

  • Influence government in policy making regarding the Software Industry.
  • Influence academia in deciding on the curriculum.
  • Influence customers to accept minimum software development standards.
  • Influence industry standards of software development.
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