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Building a Career


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In this second podcast session, your host Tauhidul Islam is joined by Azman Sami, Manager, Operation Support and Software Automation System at Grameenphone. Mr. Azman Sami is a well known mentor in the software industry of Bangladesh for almost 7 to 8 years. The beginning part is more focused on the study path of our mentor. Then we highlighted his career path. As our mentor spent a significant time period in the core software firm and then moved to telco world, we tried to portray a comparative scenario of his learning phase, working experiences and his overall career building stories.

In this session we discussed about the different roles that he played in the Software Development Life Cycle process. Believe me, it is not an overnight stand...It is a step by step building up process. He started his career in a software firm as a developer and then as a development team lead, test team lead, designer/architect and then as a project manager. We talked to him regarding the software development part of the telco world. We try to find out his view on some development scenarios. To know the details keep listening to Meet the Mentors by SQABD podcast session...

SQABD presents this story of journey; we need to know to portray the big picture. We need to know more about our mentors. So stay tuned with Meet the Mentors by SQABD.

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