Software Testing Consultancy  

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  • ValuePack
    • Only Tk.3,500 per hour (after 12.5% discount on the actual rate)

  • BudgetPack
    • Only Tk.4,000 per hour

Software Testing is a misunderstood craft and we like to think that we got it right. We have the experience and skills to make your ride more pleasant and faster.

The consulting business has an old saying, "Fast, cheap, and good...pick any two." We only do fast and good, and we are great at it.

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Listen to some of the people who received our great service (use the navigation controls to browse through all the videos):

Here are only some of the great services we can bring to your company:

  • Guide the company to facilitate the Test Team.
  • Integrate the testing process with the release cycle.
  • Guide the Test Team to find important problems quickly.
  • Apply tools where it makes sense.
  • Emphasize on rapid testing.
  • Help create productive testing artifacts.

Our clients:    Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd.  Enosis Solutions

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